An attractive old seaside market town

For the last 6 years Korsør hosted tourists from 9 cruise ships. The town is situated around a harbour which for centuries has been an important part of its inhabitants' daily life. To move from the southern part of the town to the northern, or vice versa, citizens have to pass over a bridge which at certain times of the day will be raised in order to let ships in or out of the fiord. Boats, vessels, merchant ships and the occasional cruise liner are regular visitors.

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Gavnø Castle

Gavnø - the Island of Flowers - where historical memories, art, nature and flowers are united in one place. Already in the 12th century there was a pirate's castle at the island. In 1398, however, it was purchased by Queen Margrethe the Ist, who turned it into a convent for "unmarried women of noble rank". Today Gavnø Castle is one of Denmark's finest rococo castles, where the visitor will find a great many things of interest, e.g. the largest privately owned collection of paintings in Scandinavia. Please notice The Great Dining Room and the beautifully furnished guest rooms from the 1750'es. The rooms are still used on special occasions.

Also to be seen: Gavnø Convent Church, Gavnø Castle Garden, The House of Butterflies, The Land of Pirates - a nature playground, Treasure Hunt, the largest private collection of paintings in Scandinavia, and The Castle Brewery.

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